Our Clients

                        Our mission is to nurture, cultivate, and facilitate the advancement of all our clients.

Burke Management Firm

The Burke Management Firm is passionate about being instrumental in the success of other people which has been the guiding light of the firm since its inception. To nurture, cultivate, and facilitate the advancement of all of our clients has been the primary objective of The Burke Management Firm.

Herb Kimble

Herb Kimble started his artistic career as an extremely respected stage actor in Chicago, IL before eventually moving into film and television. Seeking more creative input, he eventually found his way into directing, writing and producing, where he has been able to display his own stories and artistic vision. Early in 2019, Herb announced his intent to launch Urbanflix, a new streaming platform with the vision of telling great stories with the concept of inclusion for everyone. As a true lover of the film process, Herb continues to work diligently on every aspect of the movie making process, from writing, directing, cinematography, editing and anything else involved in the movie making process. With a never ending appetite for storytelling, Kimble continues to move forward with a diverse and entertaining array of episodic series and feature films in various stages ( pre production, production and postproduction) of development